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NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Brights Review

Today I am reviewing the NYX Ultimate Palette- Brights. I bought this palette a couple of days ago and it’s actually my only brightly coloured palette I have at this moment in time. You get 16 shades for £16. There are no shade names unfortunately but I have swatched the shadows, one swipe on my unprimed arm to show how they truly are pigmentation wise. I have also not edited the swatches!

So the first shades we have are the red tones; the first shade is a bright shimmery red, then we have a matte pink/purple shade, a red/orange matte shade with a slight fluorescent tinge to it and lastly a matte orange shade. As you can see with one swipe they are fairly pigmented for a drugstore palette.

Next we have the pink and purple tones; a matte “dark” purple that definitely isn’t as pigmented on a swatch as in the pan, a semi-bright matte pink/purple shade, a semi-bright matte pink shade and a light matte lilac shade. I found this row not as pigmented as the first.

On the fourth row we have the blue tones, my favourite row! First we have a lovely matte blue shade, then a matte sky blue shade, a matte turquoise shade and a matte mint shade.

On the last row we have a matte green shade, a shimmery lime green shade, a matte orange/yellow shade and a matte light yellow shade. Again this row doesn’t seem to have the best pigmentation.

I created a “sunset” and a “rainbow” look with this palette which you can see below, to test out the pigmentation and blend-ability of the shadows on my eyes. The shadows did blend out well and are buildable meaning I was able to get quite a pigmented look.

All in all I quite like this palette, for the price it is very good and I do see myself reaching for it a lot. NYX claim that there are these finishes; matte, satin and metallic but the only finishes I have seen are matte and shimmery/glittery so I’m not really sure what that is about. I do think this is worth a buy especially if you are a beginner or looking to try out colourful looks without wanting to invest in a very expensive palette.

NYX Cosmetics is classed as cruelty-free which is amazing and will bump my rating up of this product.

My rating- 6.5/10

You can purchase here (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):


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