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Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet Watermelon Review

Todays review is on a sheet mask by Kocostar. I tried this out and and I really liked it. First of all the these slices smell absolutely amazing, so good you wish you could eat them! I did find these hydrating but not the most hydrating, for the low price I was impressed. These didn’t leave my skin feeling horrible and sticky afterwards, I just massaged in the left over serum.

Unfortunately the only fault I have with these is they are small circular slices unlike the traditional full face sheet mask. You can’t really cover your whole face with them which can be quite inconvenient. They did leave my skin feeling nice and I see the appeal of slices as you can target problem areas. I will most likely repurchase this product and maybe try the other ones they have! I actually got this mask in a GlossyBox subscription I have which I will link. For £2.99 I think this is a great, fun sheet mask that does benefit your skin.

Kocostar is not listed as cruelty-free as they test on animals when required by law. This will obviously knock the rating down a bit.

My rating- 6.5/10

You can buy this sheet mask here (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):

GlossyBox link (I do not get paid for this, just trying to help!):

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