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Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Stick & Cooling Water Stick Reviews

So today I am reviewing two products by Milk Makeup! The watermelon brightening serum stick and the cooling water stick. The ones I have are minis as I have been trying them before splashing out on the full sized products. So lets get into this!

Watermelon Brightening Stick:

I think the packaging on these mini sticks is so clean and cute, obviously I have been using mine the past couple weeks so you can see some wear but you get the gist. Unfortunately this product is just not doing anything for me, maybe I haven’t been trying it for long enough so I won’t say it doesn’t work, its just not doing anything for me yet. When applying my face gets a bit tacky and sticky, it feels slightly cooling for a few seconds and then thats about it. I just don’t see any brightening effects to my skin.

Another issue I have with this brightening stick is the overall application method. I think the idea behind the stick is to minimise product wastage by just applying straight to your face instead of rubbing with your hands. By doing this surely all you are going to do is move bacteria around your face and cause breakouts? I am just very unsure of this product and I think its more of a cute gimmick than an actual useful product. I really did want to love this! For £34 full sized or £14 travel sized, this product is very pricey and I personally do not think it is worth it. Unless I start seeing results, highly doubt I will as I have been using for the past couple of weeks, I will not be repurchasing. I do want to try out other Milk Makeup products too see if their are any really effective products.

You can buy here( I do not get paid for this):

My rating- 3/10

Cooling Water Stick

Again I love the packaging on these stick products! Unfortunately yet again I was not impressed with this product, I felt a “cooling” effect for a couple of seconds but other than that it just feels sticky to put on sometimes and a few times I have felt like I am dragging a dry product across my face with nothing coming off! I haven’t seen any anti-puffiness effects or any effects on my skin, period. Again this product is pretty pricey at £21 especially when I personally can’t see anything that its doing. I will not be repurchasing this either unfortunately. Also again I have the same view about the hygienic side of this product.

You can buy here(I do not get paid for this):

My rating- 2/10

Milk Makeup is vegan and cruelty-free! This is very good obviously and I hope to try more of their products that might work for me.

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