Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

Todays review is on an Aromatherapy Diffuser. Recently I have been getting very stressed and my anxiety levels have shot through the roof so after doing some reading I decided to look into aromatherapy. Todays review will not be on the effects or oils as I haven’t been using them for long enough ( there will be a post in the near future!) it will be on the diffuser I bought.
This diffuser is such a sweet little product. It isn’t tiny so don’t worry about that, it just fits perfectly not taking up too much space. The LED lights are such a nice and calming effect and I really enjoy them. 
This diffuser has 4 settings: lights, sleep, timer and mist. Lights obviously turns on the LEDS, you can have them on by themselves or with the mist which is a nice touch. Sleep mode turns the LEDS off and produces little bits of mist throughout the night (or day if you choose!). Timer mode turns the LEDs onto one colour and produces little bits of mist for 3 hours. Finally mist is just a constant produce of mist and you can turn the LEDS on with this.
When running out of water the diffuser flashes red a couple of times and then turns off the lights and mist which is really handy! I have really been enjoying this product and for only £14.99 at the moment I think it is really worth it.
You can purchase the diffuser here ( as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):
My rating- 9/10

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