SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Review

Today I will be reviewing the SmashBox Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Primer. I have to say I quite like this primer I do think there is a blurring effect, not massively but it is there. I feel like this primer helps my foundation to go on nice and smoothly.

It has a silicone texture and is a bit oily so I wouldn’t recommend if you have very oily skin. A little can go a long way too. This primer keeps my foundation on fine but I wouldn’t say it’s amazing in the longevity department, I haven’t noticed a massive difference in the time my makeup stays on.

The packaging of this primer is nice and sleek, I really like it. Price wise it’s £28 for a full size which is expensive for a primer I would say. I got mine in a bundle of SmashBox Primers to try meaning it is travel sized and I would recommend getting a travel size version first to see if you like it before committing to that price!

SmashBox is cruelty-free!

My Rating- 7

You can buy here (I do not get paid for this): https://www.boots.com/smashbox-photo-finish-foundation-primer-10143720

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