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Beauty Bay Bright Matte Palette Review

Today I am reviewing the Bright Matte Palette from Beauty Bay! This palette has 42 matte shades and I have found myself using it loads recently to create bright, out there looks.

I have swatched all the colours for you, to show you the pigmentation and colour pay offs! Let’s begin…

First row is the most boring row.. the neutrals. Unfortunately I do find that all the eyeshadows in this palette cause a lot of fall out and are slightly chalky but this row in particular is chalky. The colour pay off is decent but this is probably the worst row in my opinion.

The second row is pinks! I love a good pink eyeshadow and these are gorgeous. I especially love ‘Make Them Wink’ it’s such a vibrant barbie pink shade. Like I said there is fall out and a slight chalkiness too all these shadows but they blend out lovely and the colour pay off from the pinks of great!

Next we have orange and reds.. I love the orange shades I am really impressed with them, ‘Koi’ and ‘Heatwave’ are my favourites. They’re vibrant and just lovely orange shades! The reds however not as impressed as I feel they’re more pink toned reds instead of coming out as really red. They’re still nice but they don’t pack that red punch.

There aren’t many greens and yellows but I think the ones we have are stunning! I’m really impressed with all of these shades and I’m planning on reaching for them more as they really are underrated colours!

The blues are absolutely gorgeous! I am so impressed with these. I created a blue eye look, I’ll show near the end, with these blues and it came out exactly how I wanted. The colour pay off in the blues is excellent!

The last row is the purples and again they are really beautiful shades with good colour pay off but slightly chalky and a lot of fall out.

I wish this palette had some more yellows and greens and wasn’t as prone to fall out because it would have a 10/10 from me if it did!

Price wise this is only £23 which I think is a pretty good price for all these shades.

My rating~ 8/10

Here are some looks I have created using this palette:

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